3D Flythroughs

These days an animated 3D visualisation is much more than the humble flythroughs of the past. With more in common with a TV commercial or a film our flythroughs cover the gamut of film production techniques to bring a project to life.

Many projects have elements of live footage or custom image acquisition and often include helicopter or drone footage with integrated 3D. Along with custom motion title design and detailed post production including colour grading, attention to detail at each stage make each project outstanding.

With a particular talent for creating large scale developments, Last Pixel are the go to studio for masterplan flythroughs and other large scale projects.

3D Flythroughs Projects

3D Stills

Whether a standalone stills project or as supporting material for a 3D flythrough stills are an essential part of press release kits and digital and print marketing. Either integrated into site photography or completely 3D we can provide high quality still suitable for all your needs.


3D Stills Projects

Virtual Reailty & Immersive 3D

From masterplans, resorts, apartments, mine sites and even large offshore oil rigs, we’ve created spectacular interactive applications across a variety of formats and display devices. We’ve built applications for Ipad, android, web and the new VR platforms including HTC Vive, Gear VR and Occulus Rift, visualising some of the worlds biggest and most ambitious projects.

Virtual Reailty & Immersive 3D Projects