Landcorp – Pilbara Vernacular Homes

An in-depth house concept made easy with 3D animations and motion graphics.

The Pilbara region in the north of Western Australia, has an arid and tropical climate. During the summer months temperature are usually above 32°C and exceeding the 45°C mark is not uncommon. For this reason a specific design of the houses and the neighborhoods is required to maximise the liveability and minimise the running costs. LP was required to clearly illustrate the principals behind the desing of the Pilbara Vernacular Homes (GA video) and neighborhood (EOI video). With a mix of minimal and photorealistic looking 3D animations, motion graphics and infographics, we condensed a big amount of information and studies in a clear and simple presentation. We enjoyed the challenge and are very proud of the final result.

Check out more information on the Pilbara Vernacular Home on Landcorp’s website.