VR – it’s really here

June 20 2016

At Last Pixel we’ve been building different immersive 3D experiences for some time. From augmented reality geo-located tablet apps to 5 meter high 270° Stereo 3D cave presentations. With the re-emergence in recent years of Virtual Reality we’ve been tacking along working on that too. We’ve been using the Occulus dev kits since dev-kit-one, and moved to deliver our panorama tours in stereo 3D on the Gear VR. We have several 360° VR experiences for film and TV currently in production.

Most recently we received  the new VR hardware created by Valve and HTC – the HTC Vive. So far it’s been a great experience testing out the new hardware and moving our own development and 3D content over to it. A large room based VR experience really can’t be beat. Painting and sculpting in the space around you is awesome and being able to walk around whole virtual rooms, building sites and plant and equipment is outstanding. We can’t show too much of it right now as most of it is top secret, but in the coming weeks and months we’ll update you with more and more examples of the things we’re building, or you might come across some of them in the wild at various show rooms and tradeshows.

If you’ve got an interesting VR project you’d like to talk to us about and want come down and try out the technology then give us a call.